Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Off-nights in the Loop

Saw the House Theatre's "Ellen Under Glass" (pretty title!) at the Storefront downtown tonight. It was both lyrical and underpopulated. Seriously people, I know it's a weeknight, but live a little! Anyway it had gorgeous music, and fluid, oh-god-we're-slipping-into-the-dreamworld again transitions from the magical to the mundane. It also starred Carolyn Defrin, about whom I've written my first ever Two-Sentence Performer Review:

Carolyn Defrin never blinks. Carolyn Defrin only closes her eyes on purpose.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Given your blog, thought you might like to know about "Cappin' the Week" Chicago's own pop culture/current events comedy show. There’s some Web humor, here: http://www.cicomedy.com/CTWPageOne.html , or you can catch the show live this Friday, April 28th, at 11pm. It's at 4210 N. Lincoln Ave, The Cornservatory.

Get two bucks off here: http://www.cicomedy.com/Metromix

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