Saturday, April 22, 2006


So, I did that irritating thing where I go see a show, and put off blogging about it till after I write the review, and then feel like blogging isn't worth it. Well, not today!

Last week was "The Golden Truffle," which I really enjoyed. I loved the over-the-top dress up quality, the way the consumerism theme played out in all the fun stuff you could buy, the cake shaped set, the truffles, the banquettes. But my plus one for the night, the very smart and talented Andy, hated it. He thought the music sounded bad, the script was awkward, the character development half hearted.

I completely agreed with him. I loved the show anyway. I don't know why I'm sometimes so forgiving... show to show it doesn't make sense. But the "Golden Truffle" swept me off my feet as soon as I walked into the transformed Redmoon Central. From that second, I was full of good will, and willing to sit through any amount of acoustic irritation for another shot of magic. They had me at "Hello, may I show you to your seat?"


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