Saturday, January 27, 2007

No-one to blame but ourselves.

Just got back from the Latest Neofuturists show, "You Asked for It," certainly the year's only play based on a survey. Using highly scientific email forwarding techniques, director/creator Greg Allen asked 2200 Americans what they most and least wanted in a play. (You can take the online- survey here, although it won't affect the show.)

This is a stonkingly cool idea, and I was excited to watch it I wasn't disappointed, exactly. The idea remains cool, and I'm glad I went. But out of all the Neofuturist shows I've seen, it was the least fun to watch. This includes the show about the history of aerial bombing.

So, a one-act play containing what 2200 people most want, and another one-act play containing what they least want... are both not so great. You don't need a crystal ball. But you'd be a fool to miss it. Something like this is only going to happen once.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Having just taken the survey, one question (No.28) only allows you to respond to "How do you feel about violent physical humour done in the nude?" with either "Love it" or "Adore it".

I suppose that's one way of ensuring you'll be able to act upon at least SOME of your survey's suggestions ...

3:15 AM  

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