Friday, November 11, 2005

ZOMG Hemingway RL Slash Fic!

Old Earnest's boundless machismo is definitely ripe for the homosexual fantasy treatment. And who better to play Spock to his Kirk than effete drunk F. Scott Fitzgerald? "The Amazing Adventures of Scott and Earnest," now playing at City Lit, amazed me with how little it skirted around the issue without ever letting the two authors kiss. All in all though, a bit unsatisfying, some of which could have been remedied by putting notes in the program to explain which bits of the plot were fantasy, and which weren't. Also, set changes of some length, and a peculiar stiffness to the acting. Really, I was hoping for it to go fanfic all the way, with scenes of glorious adventure and long make-out sessions, but mostly I got Mexican jail scenes. Some funny moments, though.

The venue? City Lit is in a church, a churchy church, and it's on the second floor, so you get eyeloads of social service programs as you walk up. However, it is a servicable little space, with seats arranged in a companionable U. It's also quiet, and darn close to the Byrn Mawr El.

I'm behind two weekends, so let me rush to catch up:

Last week, part of a bill of one acts in a brand new South Side Theatre, the EP. It's a storefront, and oddly enough the storefront window bit comprises the back wall of the theatre space, so you could theoretically open the black curtains and have real windows out onto a real street. But I'm betting they did it to catch the eye of passing traffic. Had a party to hit, so didn't stay for the whole thing. But Shawn Pfasdflkjl remains fantastic. Creepy, touching short about a man control-alt-deleting his robot mom. Shawn Pfawery is so cool that I might someday learn to pronounce or spell his name.

Friday before that, I went on what I like to call a real theatre adventure,
meaning a show put on in some completely unreasonable spot that is
under no circumstances a theatre and is also impossible to find.
Triple points if it's on the South Side. Real theatre adventures are
a lot of fun, except I'm usually late to them.

So, "Monkey House", in Chinatown, actually, in this brutally lovely
old industrial building by the river. They just had a room with some
chairs, and they'd put a lot of found objects in it, charming
charming. The vibe was very Andersonville, which is the authentic of
Anthropologie, for non-chicagoans keeping score. Endearing,
phonographesque sound system playing the prettiest darn music.

The centerstage review for this one is already up, so if you fancy learning more, look out for it.

Now to banish my headache before tonight's show.


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