Monday, April 16, 2007

Less exposition, more slaughtering of rapists

Tonight’s play, “Black Diamond,” started off with a life-threatening case of the expositions. It’s a common disease, but it’s particularly bad when the exposition in question is just stuff you don’t need to know. Boring journalist main character and supporting comic relief photographer exchange chit-chat about their pointless back stories, and get into some sort of internet flame war about oppression. It took far too long for the title character, a Liberian rebel leader, to bust in the door and start gunning down rapists. Which is what the public really wants to see.

Anyway, the show has potential, not to mention some great actors, but it needs a major slice job. The next time I see a play featuring an American journalist in some war-torn region, I’d like to see them use their J-school skills and gracefully elide themselves from the story.

Friday, April 06, 2007

New blogger has killed my ability to blog.

So, heh. Yes. I've been out.
a. busy
b. limited internet access
c. but mostly this stupid google account thing.

See, blogger now insists that one's blog account be linked to a google account. In such a way that logging into one automatically logs you into the other. I decided to hook mine up to wayoffloop @ gmail, the account Chicagoland press agents know and love. However, this is not my actual email address, the kind I like to keep open constantly, do business on, sleep next to, etc.

Result? I cannot blog with my real gmail account open, which tends to make blogging far too annoying and tedious. Don't ask why. Just please, if you know how to fix this, tell me!

I saw some plays recently, but without being able to look at gmail I CAN'T EVEN REMEMBER WHAT THEY WERE. My internet hive-mind is disabled.