Sunday, March 04, 2007

A sunny day, a matinee-

Just returned from "The Juniper Tree" at City Lit. It was clever and tuneful and delightful, and went well with my cold shiny Sunday. It's a musical adaptation of the creepy cannibal fairy tale (of the same name,) and it has an accordion song. I think you'll all enjoy it. It even held my attention throughout constant iterations of the following dialogue from my seatmates:

Man: (dozing) Snerk.
Woman: (hissing) Open your eyes! Open your eyes!
Man: Wah?
Man: (head clunks onto chest.)
Woman: Hold your head up, dammit!

Gripping drama, yes, but the show onstage stood up to it.

Last night was "The Invention Show," a musical at Annoyance. Their reputation was made with weird and harsh improv, so the show was surprisingly toothless. I mean, it was a bit like that show based on Schoolhouse Rock, but with more obscenities. Not that there's anything wrong with that. In fact, I was tired that I couldn't have handled anything more demanding.


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