Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Let's go see a nice dark quiet play

I must confess that I went to see “Monster Garden” somewhat lacking my customary open heart. It is a Wednesday. It is cold. I was (and am) unusually tired, and the play sounded irritating. I was meant to go review it last night, but was struck down by a vomitous migraine. One can imagine the review under those circumstances:

“’Monster Garden’ is an incomprehensible display of gratuitous sound, light and motion. Why are all those actors talking and walking around? Why can’t we all just sit quietly in the dark? Every line is an ice pick to the occipital….”
Etc. etc.

But tonight, the play was fairly painless. It even had some enjoyable bits in it. It was one of those terrifically overwrought sexual dramas that I always want to be funnier, about a woman who used to murder men on principal, and the little girl she forced to help her. As is well documented, I’m against the death penalty as administered by the government, but fully support the Beatrix Kiddo Sexual Assault Law, so I appreciated that some actual baddies did get whacked during the course of the story. I also appreciated the evil AA group leader, who undermined his group members in a well-modulated voice, and spent a lot of time writing down things he said.

*Any rape victim, should s/he be so able and inclined, should be allowed to kill her attacker. And steal his car.


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