Friday, March 23, 2007

Happy hour

I really have to hit more Second City openings. The reception was… well, it almost qualified as an after-party, with pitchers of beer scattered around, a serious buffet, and a congenial, crowded atmosphere.

The show prior (Between Barack and a Hard Place) was, of course, smart and funny. But I’m dreading the review. I haven’t seen a Second City mainstage show in over a decade, and I feel as if, in order to type intelligently, I should have. The SC people are high-level practitioners of a form (the black-out sketch) that was once revolutionary, and is now establishment. And I’m just- I’m ignorant! Ah well, this is the price you pay for mac n’ cheese buffets and comped drinks.

At any rate, these guys are pros, and you’ll be in good hands for the evening. You may or may not “bust a gut.” I did not. But I think I observed a few others in the busting process.

Ps. The TOC listings say that this review boasts “an extremely diverse cast (perhaps the most so in years).” One hopes this is not true, because then extreme diversity means two minority performers instead of one.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What exactly IS a black-out sketch? I've probably seen it before but never known it by that name ...

1:24 AM  

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