Friday, February 10, 2006

Issues of Audience

I saw the Neofuturist's prime-time show, "A Child's History of Bombing" tonight with a friend. As I sat down, I realized that I'd taken a total and complete Russian to a show that was probably about the atomic bomb. AWKWARD.* But actually, the show made the Cold War look like an actual lovers picnic. It was more about your hot wars, your 7,000 degrees at the center of a nuclear explosion wars. That's very hot indeed.

So, a pretty rough show for Valentine's weekend. It was documentary style- I could have dealt with a few more theatrical tricks- but yeah, I cried. Very hard-line, very no war is good war. Well, look, it's true. I do believe that sometimes you have to fight, but bombing is never ok. Don't atomic bomb people. Don't regular bomb them either, or fire-bomb them. Napalm is right out. It's simplistic to say so- and the show is often quite simplistic- but I think they were trying to go right back to the simplest ways of looking at things (hence the "child" in the title) and remember that this sort of thing is terribly wrong. Even when you do it to cities in Nazi Germany.

Other issues of audience: a couple of people brought actual children. I wonder if they were confused by the title, or if they just wanted to get the liberal fires started early.

*You must imagine this said by my Bitchy Gay Roommate, who actually doesn't exist. He's just a persona created by my actual roommate.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I too believe that the intentional targeting of civillians in wartime is contrary to the supposed international laws of warfare that were established in the immediate aftermath of World War II and then promptly ignored by everyone.

In fact, I'd go so far as to say that such behavior is MORALLY HIDEOUS.

-Bitchy Gay Roommate

10:03 AM  

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