Sunday, August 28, 2005

Quantum Ethics

Tonight I saw Copenhagen, which was intense served up with a side of intensity. And fries. The first 20 minutes or so were rather rocky. Every other line was "It was 1935 when I helped Von Barenburg discover interspatial hemowhatsits in Minsk." I mean, it would go year, name, science city. It was definitely the Star Trek/ER jargon syndrome. Plus, I'm unnerved when people reference dates in casual conversation.

But, gosh darn it, it did take off. And it got me biting my lip over things like intentions, and what it means to be a good person, and how the heck a great voyage of wonder and scientific discovery turned into the big boom. The biggest boom. Also, I like Bohr's (Terry Hamilton) big soft face, and I like Heisenberg's brill-cream head and puppy dog eyes.

The play is basically a bitterly protracted argument about why Heisenberg visited Bohrs in Copenhagen during the occupation, and about why the Nazis didn't get the bomb. Many worthy points were made, but I'd like to make just one, on behalf of Kurt Vonnegut: Any reason for not dropping the atom bomb on a major city is the right reason.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where was this playing? Sounds pretty good.

8:14 AM  
Blogger Reina said...

Copenhagen is at Timeline. The full review will be in Centerstage, at some point.

8:41 AM  

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