Thursday, July 07, 2005

Burlesque is the new awesome

Blew back in from the Lavender Cabaret's 80's Night. My god! So much fun! I am making this a monthly trip, and you should too.

I also recently enjoyed the Belmont Bombshells. Great shows, for different reasons and also some same reasons. The Sugarbabies (of Lavender Cabaret) are dancery dancers, with high kicks and all kinds of posterior muscles. The Bombshells are, by their own admission, actors...adorable normal girls with goofy smiles.. their vibe is very old time vaudeville. You get to sit and watch in seats. Their MC, Jack Midnight, works the boozy, mildly depressed lounge-hound thing to perfection. The Lavender girls are far more amped up- they perform in a club setting. One stands and woots. One marvels at the thing that girl does with a hula hoop.

One does NOT, as a female, feel grossed out or threatened by either burlesque group. There is no male-pandering strip-club vibe. Don't worry, and don't hesitate to show up. *

Finally, both shows featured the Amazing Tomas, an itty-bitty bespectacled magician of whom I am an official groupie. Whether he's twitchily performing card tricks, doing shocking things with balloons and cigarettes, or inducing us to chant his name, I (heart) the Amazing Tomas.

*For the BB's show up with a bottle. It is BYOB. Score!


Blogger Fuzzy said...

Let me second both of those recommendations with links to their sites: Lavander Cabaret and Belmont Burlesque Revue.

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