Sunday, June 12, 2005


So, several total jerks over on Craigslist decided to flag my posting in free stuff of the second ticket raffle as spam. I am grandly peeved. Different raffle, different ticket... hence, not spam. Please don't do that. There are about 50 people so far who are interested in getting some live theatre- let those who want to know about it know!


I'm going to wait a week before reposting. Bookmark us, because that's the only way you'll find out about new raffles!

In other news, I saw "How I Learned to Drive" at Profiles Theatre. Sunday Matinee, audience of four. Half of whom were late.* I'll bet the evening audiences were better- Sunday Matinees are horrible things, kids.

More detailed thoughts on it tomorrow, kittens. But for the record, they deserved a bigger crowd and, despite outnumbering us (the audience) they didn't pull their punches. If you haven't seen this play, go see it for certains. If you have- well, like I said. More thoughts tomorrow.

To all y'all except the flaggers- no love for you!

*yes... one of them was me. I suck.


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More thoughts on "How I Learned to Drive?" Please share!

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