Friday, May 13, 2005

It's 8pm on Friday night... do I know where I am?

Good evening, all my katies,

My name is Reina, and I go to the theatre an awful lot for someone who doesn't get paid.

Over Christmas, I decided that any good Chicago citizen should be familiar with our fair city's greatest resource: storefront theatre. I resolved to see a show in every single off-loop venue by the end of the year. Experts have said this is impossible. I have countered with "charts."* Fringequest 2005 began in January with "Mr Punch, or Jack and the Blase Bride" and er, a play, I think it was called "Hamlet."

I quickly realized that, even at $15 a pop, seeing 2-4 plays a week would put a serious dent in my budget. With my customary ingenuity, charm and chutzpah, I got myself set up as the theatre critic for Inside Newspapers. (, tab Way Off Loop), where you can read new capsule reviews every week.

However, if you'd like the real, off-the-cuff, badly-frayed, just got home from the theatre slightly buzzed impressions of what I see, you've come to the right place.

*I didn't counter with a chart I'd made. I just countered by saying "Charts! I've got charts and maps with little flags in them!" I haven't made any charts yet. I was lying.


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